How to Contact Us?

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Author : Jiezhong
Update time : 2019-09-25 10:32:00
      First, we’d like to show our sincere gratitude to your attention and surport for Guangzhou Jiezhong. Maybe new visitors are unfamiliar with our website and it’s difficult to find the way to contact us. Don’t worry. We have set several access for you to get.
      Firstly, on every page, you could leave a message on the bottom or submit your email. Social contact is also available like whatsapp, skype and wechat with professional customer service.
    Secondly, when you click any kind of products and visit product details, you could send inquiry or save details pdf format to look offline in your free time. After the details, you could submit your review about the products, which is important suggestion for us to improve and made better cards for you.
      Thirdly, more contact information please click the page Contact Us to get in touch with us.
     See, how convienient it is! Our company is specialized in scratch cards printing, pvc card prining, loyalty card printing and membership card printing. Learn more product details please tell us your detailed need so we can provide suitable advice.
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