How to make sure data security for scratch card printing?

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Author : Jiezhong
Update time : 2019-08-08 18:39:06
      In the industry of scratch card printing, data security is the life for company. We won’t exist unless the data is safe, which strict quality control system and staff job. We constantly control quality from card design and production to data validation service.
       First, in terms of material, we import raw material and invite professor to test it strictly. Afterwards, specific computer and email are used to secretly receive data. The computer program is available to ensure 100% accuracy of prize items, data examination and verification management. Finally, independent quality control system check every procession in production and detect light, temperature, machine and others randomly, which ensure high-quality scratch cards.
        Besides, Guangzhou Jiezhong make scratch card with materials including paper and plastic pvc card printing, which applied in various industries, like promotion, telecom and other business activities. Welcome customers all over the world establish business cooperation with Jiezhong!
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