China National Day

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Author : Jiezhong
Update time : 2019-09-27 15:40:00
    Oct. 1st 2019 will comes China National Day, whih is also the 70th anniversary in this year, It is a great significant and memorial event for Chinese. On the National Day of the People's Republic of China, all Chinese people throughout the world celebrate the birth of motherland together. This festival is also a national holiday when Chinese have a 7-day holiday.
     People of all nationalities observe the National Day with a great number of activities while the government will organise some festivities, such as flag-raising ceremonies, firework displays and concerts. There have been 14 military parades during National Day so far. Public places are decorated, including Tiananmen Square in Beijing which usually proves to be spectacular. Thousands of tourists from home and abroad come to Tiananmen Square to celebrate this remarkable day every year.
     To observe this grand event, Guangzhou Jiezhong also have 7-day off holiday. Any one who want to custom scratch card printing, custom pvc cards, gift card printing or phone card printing, is advisable to place orders before the holiday.
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