Cooperation Process of Card Printing

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Author : Jiezhong
Update time : 2019-09-19 16:18:48
     Our company, Jiezhong, is specialized in scratch card printing and pvc card printing, such as calling card printing, membership card printing and gift card printing. Now, you have learned what products we are doing. But do you know how to place orders with us? Next I’ll explain the cooperation process.
      First, you want to make cards and send inquiry to our service team. Second, confirm design. If you don’t have design, don’t worry. We have experienced designers to deal with the card design. After the conclusion of design and other details like crafts and quantity, you could place order with the completion of payment. Third, our factory start to print your cards with strict quality inspection. As card production is finished, we will deliver your cards in time with suitable transportation. Finally, any suggestion or question during the use of cards, please feel free to tell us.
      Welcome to consult us at any time. We promise to provide our best service for you.
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