Various Crafts

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Update time : 2019-05-10 10:00:00
       Our company is a professional supplier for card printing. Furthermore, various card crafts are available to satisfy your needs. Hereby, we introduce the crafts golden foil, embossed number and spot UV for your reference.

       The craft golden foil has the golden effect and is sparkle and top grade, which is suitable for simple pattern like logo. Number can be embossed with different color, like golden, silver and original card color. You can feel the profile when you touch it. Besides, PVC card can be printed with spot UV, and the part of UV printing has sparkle effect like the example.

       Spot UV is suitable for matt surface and deep color background. The card looks fantastic. However, this craft like UV code and barcode is not applied for frosted surface, because it has influence on the machine and slows the production process.

       Actually, different crafts have their own advantages and effects. We can't say that which craft is better than the other one. But we will recommend suitable craft with professional solution according to your requirement.
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